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A weekend at Kuppam

Akank had the opportunity to visit a little hamlet in Andhra Pradesh last weekend. Kuppam, is where our ancestors built a temple for the deity Sri Srinivasaswamy. The family proudly continues to conduct the annual Brahmotsavam celebrations at the temple. Akank loves the ambiance of the place. As a young child she would be fascinated with the cows, buffaloes, hens, goats and stray dogs. Other than farm animals, Kuppam also has a lot of little children. We began to notice that Akank loved interacting with the children there and so we began carrying gifts for them every year.

This year we made it spectacular. We took many gifts and things to give away to the children at Kuppam. Ranging from eats, biscuits and chocolates, Barbie dolls, clothes, toys that Akank did not use anymore, school stationary, bangles, hair bands and other accessories, shoes, flip flops etc. We announced to the kids that we will be distributing thigs the next day and they all wanted us to wait till five in the evening when they got home from school. We organized them into two rows, girls and boys, and called them by turns to give away all the things we had brought with us. A few of our friends had contributed too, so we had more than hundred different things to give away. However, we still ran short!

Some of the kids came back fro second and third helpings of what we were giving away. We realized that we probably needed to do this more often and in an organized way so that no one goes away disappointed.

Akank and Anirudh, the other child who had accompanied us with his parents to Kuppam, learnt that there were children that did not have everything that they had, had much less and were still happy with what they got.

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