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Walking with dino’s

Akank and the family spent an unusual evening  at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, watching the arena spectacular of Walking with Dinosaurs. Even though AKank has outgrown her dinosaur craze, she has been there and done it. There was a time when we would buy all things dinosaur, when she was hooked to watching Jurassic Park and its many versions, religiously once every week. The few Navaratri Golu’s in the same period, would have a park filled with miniature dinosaurs and aptly titled Jurassic park.  Akank also has in her collection of movie titles, a few more we acquired around the same time- a few parts of Land before time ( just found out that they made 13 parts of that movie!) and another called Dinosaur. Before her fixation for sea life, horses and dogs, Akank would read up trivia on dinosaurs and could name all of them just by looking at the pictures. So, you can imagine how it rekindled some fond memories of  how much she loved stocking up information on dinosaurs big and small. When we heard that the famous BBC series by the same title was being produced as a theatrical event, we grabbed the opportunity to book seats when they came by for 12 days to Singapore.

I would have wanted this for Akank even if she had not been collecting trivia about dinosaurs. The two hour show was truly spectacular with 20 life sized dinosaurs walked the planet again!


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Posted by on December 6, 2010 in Shows