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Altered Loyalties

After High School Musical and its many versions, I assumed Akank’s loyalties were sealed. Zac Efron and his team of high schoolers ranked in the top slot of her favourite artists in Hollywood. Was I wrong. A few days back Akank and I went to watch Zac Efron in “17 again”. The obvious reason why I decided to treat Akank to the movie was the fact that it had the same Zac Efron-basketball- highschool feel.  I was surprised when Akank let out a squeal and crushed  my hand gently when she saw another character beside Efron. ” Sterling  Knight” she squealed and looked at me like that name had to make any sense. To me he looked like a gawky teen who was terribly aware of how gawky he was. But he seemed to have made an impression on Akank.

Now I have to keep tabs on all the movies and television serials that Mr. Knight makes an appearance to let Akank know that her mom is in sync with who the tweens consider the most happening. Challenges, challenges!

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Posted by on August 10, 2009 in Movies