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The arrival!

Its the BIG announcement folks! Akank’s pup arrived home on the 14th August, just five days short of her 11th birthday. A perfect birthday present for a child whose single minded conviction was that, only a pup will change her life for the better…and it has and how!

The pet farm that we had registered with had warned us a month back that we may not have him before August 19th, the designated day we wanted him home. They did promise us that they would do their best to source a golden retriever, male pup under 3 months of age ( Akank worked hard for almost 5 years before she arrived at the specs). When we got the news of the arrival of the pup both Akank and I were in India celebrating an early birthday for Akank with old friends from school.  When the news arrived as a text message, Akank could not contain herself.  For someone not known to show public display of affection to anyone, let alone her mom, she jumped, squealed and hugged me so hard that my lungs were devoid of any residual air.

Then afterward began the restless wait of a week till we got back home.  Our one point agenda for the day we arrived was to drive to the farm and bring him home. The night before, Akank voiced out her fears and concerns. “Am I ready for him, ma? You think he will be happy with us?””. We had to repeatedly remind her that we were as aware as she was, it being our first experience as parents to a four legged living being. Only time will tell, we chimed in to let her know of our predicament.

Maxx has been home for three nights already. We have a special enclosure for him at one end of our family room. He is not allowed to ‘socialize’ with everyone yet since he has not completed his vaccinations. He is 15 weeks old and is already in the adolescent phase of his life. I have begun disciplining him and he responds well.

I know he is going to have a good life with us. We have broken all rules and accommodated his whim for deer meat, chicken, turkey and lamb. We feed him what the breeder recommended even though someday we hope he will shun meat and stick to being vegetarians like us. We only hope he does not influence us into changing and adapting to his ways.


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She is a tween now.

Those of you who have been following my blog for six years now,(yay!) know our daughter has grown up from ‘toddler’ to ‘tween’. It was a  well thought of decision to move on with blogging about a tween on a new blog called “Tweenspeak”. So here I am on my new blog. Will keep updating everything to do with my daughter Akanksha who is 10 years and 4 months now.

Akank, this is like Volume II of your blog. I hope to capture your outlook of life and how it is influenced by everything around you. This if for you doll. To read, enjoy and share. Love you!

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