Away at camp

11 Jun

It is not easy to blog about your child, when you are a mom to an almost teen. Everyday is a challenge, a war of wits, arguments, advice, and a lot of you-listen-to-me-because-I-am-your-mom. Then there comes a day, when your almost teen, takes off to camp. A brief five days of respite from the constant power struggle. I should be rejoicing in her absence,enjoying the peace and calm. No smart retorts to ignore, no assertive one liners to shock me, and no “But mom…” ‘ s to argue back to. But no. I find my thoughts going back to her. Worrying for her, wondering how she is coping at camp, if she had anything to eat on time, if she used her sunscreen to prevent the sunburns from hours of kayaking in the sun, if the sand flies got to her like she had been warned, if she found a good mate to share her tent with, if she got into trouble for not being a sport, if she found the entire experience liberating, if she misses us… me.

Allow me to lament,dear blog. Who else will I admit to, but you, that in all the years of power struggle with my almost teen, I secretly admired her ability to assert herself every time, to express her opinions and be heard, manage on her own under trying circumstances at school, brave the challenges that the new culture and society threw at her.

I miss you, Akank. Tomorrow is a beautiful day. I am waiting to listen to your adventures from your camp.

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Posted by on June 11, 2012 in contemplations, Emotions


One response to “Away at camp

  1. Hema

    June 14, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    She would have done just great Arthi! You know that! You’ve raised her so well!
    You’ve given her better than ur don’t worry too much…read up all the books you haven’t had time to…or chill out at a spa! Lots of love!


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