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My little bird grew wings!

I know the title is a tad dramatic, but allow me to explain. Akank went to her piano class on her own yesterday. It was her first time on a bus, on her own. She has been wanting to attempt going on her own for sometime now. Even though we knew it was completely safe for her to attempt that, It is just that we thought she was still very new here and anyway one of us was always free to accompany her, so we never really made the effort or encouraged her into going on her own.

Our helper is away for a fortnight and that meant everything she did at home and outside has been my responsibility. Though it might not seem much, between walking Maxx four times a day, feeding him twice, the usual odd chores around the house, washing, cooking et al, I barely have the energy nor the time to do much else. Maxx has never been left alone at home from the time he has come home and so yesterday I was unable to go with Akank to class. When I asked her if she wanted to go by herself, she was hesitant at first. She asked if she could skip class instead. That was the easy way out. But being mom has its perks, where you can insist that the class not be missed. She did not need much convincing. She went armed with her hand phone,her wallet with emergency expense money,her bus access card and her head held high on her shoulders. She called thrice in the span on an hour – Once when she reached her class, then as soon as she was done at class and from the bus on her return.

The only hitch was it had begun to rain by the time she got done and I knew she hadn’t carried her umbrella along. When I told her she could grab a cab and reach home, she offered to buy an umbrella from a store at the mall and walk up to the bus stop and ride the bus back home.

She came home with a big grin, a brand new umbrella and a lighter wallet. I am so proud of you, Akank!

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