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Roleplaying to the hilt

Akank’s class is discussing Poverty in West Africa in humanities this term. They have been divided into teams and each team represents a country from the African continent. Akank and her team represent a family from the Ivory coast (Côte d’Ivoire). Each day the teams are presented with a stack of cards that have situations described for crops, family, disease etc. Each team gets to choose one card from each stack that dictates the situation in their representative country. The kids are then asked to reflect on the situation and write down their thoughts into their Humanities work books. Akank is the geriatric head of family with a drug addicted son in law, a grandson with worms in his stomach ( as though that is ghastly), an unmarried depressed young man who is her son in law’s brother and as of yesterday a refugee from Ghana where the crops failed. Each day she gets a new situation to reflect and write. On day one her situation card read a very grave message ” You hate your son in law because he is an addict. Your daughter died at childbirth, the grandson has worms, the crops are failing”. Yesterday the situation changed to ” your country is disease free, you have a refugee from Ghana, he is young and energetic, your relationship with son in law has improved”.

I am waiting for her to get back from school to tell me what the new twist in her life in West Africa is!  What a way to learn social studies!

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Greener pastures

I can say it with relief that Akank has moved on with her reading. Maybe it is because JK Rowling, Christopher Paolini , Stephenie Meyer and Rick Riordan have not published anything new nor have I figured out who else writes about fantasy characters other than witches, vampires, demigods or dragon riders. Or maybe it was a phase that Akank had to live through before she turned 12. or maybe I am judging all this way too quickly! Anyway, the point of the matter is, Akank has begun reading books on girlie groups and cliques. Lately she has found joy in Rachel Renee Russell’s Dork Diaries, Anna Carey’s Sloan Sisters and Lisa Harrison’s The Clique series. How long this phase lasts will entirely depend on how many books these ladies have written or continue to write.


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