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Prep time

Akank is meticulous about preparing for the arrival of her pup.  She has been that way for four years already. So its almost like revising details the fourth time over.  Around the house its common sight to spot Akank with either the” The complete identifier” or ” A concise guide to Dog Breeds “or more recently ”  Golden Retriever”and ” 97 ways to make your dog smile”.  She also creates projects for herself. Today it was another attempt to write down her responsibilities and commitments as a new dog owner. Time and again, she has heard us warn her that it is ultimately going to reflect on her academics and we would not be happy if her school records take a dive because of the new distraction.

A few weeks back she wrote a dozen points under a title called ” Dog Commitments”. It was a first attempt at recording her commitments to us, once the dog arrives. It  mostly had details of how she will take care of her dog and less to do with how she will take care of school work and be responsible ( I remember a point that said ” Will set aside time for school work, piano lessons and Paatu practice” ). We had commented on her list of commitments and asked her to include more of what she will do towards maintaining a harmonious balance between being responsible for both her dog and her work at school and other lessons.

Today she attempted for the second time, at listing the do’s and don’ts and called it ” Notes to Self “. I will list a few that I could not help smiling at:-)

Do not let on bed or sofa ( very very reluctantly)

Do not forget school work (ever)

Do not let into kitchen ( even by accident)

Keep possessions at height

Warn appa to keep his possessions at a height ( Amma does not possess much) .

How I laughed when I read this. I almost missed the last point, which was a little disturbing.

” Have to teach him the command kill in case I have a row with someone”.

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Emotional choke

Akank has been wanting a pet from the time she has turned four. Her dreams are going to bear fruit this year. Come August when she turns 11,  she will finally have a pup to call her own. I can talk about it for sure now since we have already paid up an advance towards a Golden retriever pup at a per farm here in Singapore. The pet farm has promised to deliver before the birthday. The worst case scenario is a wait for 3 months.

Even though Akank is pretty excited about the arrival of the pup, she cannot digest the fact that it may be delayed by 3 months. She is not celebrating- not just yet. She feels very emotional and all choked up. Last night I was trying to get her all excited about the count down to her birthday and her gift when she sighed and said, ” I am not sure I can hold out that long ma” . My heart went out to her. I am hoping that the pet farm will announce the arrival of  the pup soon.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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Please don’t stop the music!

Akank began her pop piano lessons at the Yamaha Music school here today. She was restless and waiting to get started. After all, her last lesson was in the last week of March in India. At home, she uses the internet to browse sheet music or you-tube lessons of her favorite tunes and makes notes of the chords used and practices on her own. Even though she continued to practice her lessons she could not wait to get started on new lessons. On her current 6 octave portable keyboard, she is unable to play a few tunes that require a higher pitch ( according to her) and she has been wanting a digital piano for sometime now. Another reason we began her classes now was, the 45 day time period we have before the next school year begins and we wanted to put that to good use.  With the keyboard, she has never needed a reminder that practice was due.

However, it is the other music lessons that she needs to be constantly encouraged to practice- her Indian classical  music lessons. Albeit her complete lack of enthusiasm, we have identified a guru under whom she has already begun training. Akank enjoys doing her lessons ( it is the practice she detests) with her new music teacher, even though left to her, she would like to discontinue her lessons. She claims she understands the nuances of music which should stand her well in case she chose music as a career option in the future. I would be fooling you and myself  if I told you that she continues to go at free will.  We have tied irresistible rewards ( read dog) if she continues! Her music teachers in the past,  have told her how good she was and yet she continues to crib about practice. ( If I am good, I don’t need practice right?)In fact , her music tutor at her new school, was very excited when she learnt that Akank trains in Classical music. She intends to let Akank help her class master a rendition and maybe sing it on the annual day.

I can’t vouch for Akank being thrilled with that prospect, but I am.

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