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Lets talk dog

Akank’s long time want is closer to being met this year. From the time she learnt to say dog, she has wanted one. We have denied her a pup all these years and we have almost run out of excuses. From ‘ you have to learn to organize yourself’ to a lame ‘ you have to learn to walk your dog’ I think we have covered almost all reasons. The saving grace has been that her father has been enthusiastic to a future prospect of letting our little girl own a pet from the beginning. So, lately, Akank talks about her impending gift for her soon to come around 11th birthday( I have waited 8 years, ma!). She is disappointed when I don’t share her excitement  and sulks when I tell her to save the discussion for later ‘when the time is near’. Since we pretty much discuss everything else, I only thought it fair that she saves discussing this topic with her father, who shares her enthusiasm.

The other afternoon I saw her busily scribbling into her book. She brought it to me later and I saw around 18 questions about her pet dog, all prepared for the evening discussion when her father got home from work. There were a range of questions from naming to buying dog feed, collar colour ( Can we give him a  blue collar?), pet rules at home, toilet training, to where to pick accessories and costs.  Question 9 caught my attention and brought a smile. It said ” Can you convince amma to talk about dogs with interest?”


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Meeting with tutors

Akank had an opportunity to meet a few tutors from her new school in the last week. First, we were invited to sit through an information evening that outlined next year’s curriculum. There was a slide presentation that showed snippets of what the Grade 5 expects from next year at school. The hour long presentation was informative and entertaining as well. Akank learnt about the exciting expedition to  Pulau Tioman in Malaysia, weeks after school reopens in August.

The best part of the meeting was when Akank was taken around the school facility and introduced to some of the tutors. The first meeting was with the Music tutor who Akank took an instant liking to! Akank got into a brief discussion about Indian classical music with her in the ten minutes we spent in the music room. Then we met the Art tutor who said that Grade 6 will be learning the basics of printing and working with textiles and she was only beginning to construct the curriculum. The next stop was at the Library and Akank wanted to stay on and browse.

There is a lot of excitement in store for our little girl. I only hope that she will enjoy her stint at the new school.

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The first social event

Akank was invited to attend a 11th birthday party, two days after she met the 11 year old. She was apprehensive in the beginning about attending the party where she knew not many people but eventually she went. Unlike birthday parties in India, which typically was a rushed 3 hour affair, the party began at 12 noon and went on till the wee hours of the night. It was unusual for us and we were very uncomfortable with Akank being away at a birthday party for over 6 hours. I guess Akank was the first guest to leave that day. At 6 in the evening when I went to fetch Akank, the birthday cake had not even been cut! Later I was told that there was a session in the pool, games, talent show and loads of running around and playing till such time.

Even though Akank did stay on till late, she did seem keen to leave when she saw me arrive to pick her up. It turned out that the birthday girl had not given Akank any attention at all and she was left to fend for herself and make new acquaintances. The upside was, Akank got to meet many other children from the condo neighborhood.

Akank was not keen to share much about the day with us but she did win a XL sized Cadbury bar for having sung ‘The call” by the Backstreet Boys for the talent show.

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