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In her own words

Akank had captured her winning of the swimming competition at the pool a few weeks back in her own words and submitted it to school. Here is what she wrote –

I won a prize in a swimming competition held in the gym. The competition was held in December, so the water was very cold. Only a few contestants had arrived. My coach was giving me a few last minute tips.

I’ve been swimming for the past 6 years, so I can swim very well. I was in the 10-13 years group. There was just one other contestant in my group: A huge, bulky, thirteen year old girl. We were supposed to swim 3 laps along the length of the pool. I was dead nervous, I felt so puny compared to her.

I took my diving position. The whistle blew and I dived in. After the first few strokes, I lifted my head up and she was so much ahead of me (I was told later that she had dived before me). I bolted so fast that my arms and legs were a blur. But she picked up speed and was soon equal to me.

By now it was our final lap and I had no energy left in me. But I put on an extra boost of speed and finally raced her. I won first prize!
I was awarded my trophy a few days later. And now at home I like to look at that swimming trophy I won.

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Messy cupboards and Tsunamis

A friend of ours wanted some help with French lessons for her son before his exams next week. My niece, who is older and is learning the language at college was visiting and so I offered her services to the child’s parents. The boy came with his French text alone and said he would send his note books and previously done test question papers and answer papers later in the evening. Akank was scheduled to go to the boy’s house later in the evening for her singing classes and offered to pick the papers up for my niece.

She got home later with three question papers. She described in great detail how difficult and time consuming it was to find them.

This is what she said – ” When he opened the first cupboard, a tsunami of papers fell on the floor. We rapidly looked for the question papers and didn’t find them. Then he opened the door of the second cupboard and another set of tidal waves as tall as palm trees drowned the papers already on the floor. In the process, I got drenched too….in paper. We finally managed to fish out just these three question papers from the mess.”

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Civil disobedience – in today’s context.

Akank’s final exams begin tomorrow. Her first is Social Studies. She learns about the Indian freedom struggle and has a lot of policies and laws to memorize. One was about the Civil Disobedience Movement led by MK Gandhi.

In another context, Akank keeps complaining about a friend of hers, a boy, who keeps worrying her with silly pranks. They had had a fight and had stopped talking to each other. She however has to attend singing classes with him for another month. She wanted my advice on how to handle him. I suggested that she be civil to him if she didn’t want to be friendly.

After pondering about it for a few minutes she came back with this gem – ” Ma, if you want me to be civil and If I disobey you, does it become Civil Disobedience?”

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A weekend at Kuppam

Akank had the opportunity to visit a little hamlet in Andhra Pradesh last weekend. Kuppam, is where our ancestors built a temple for the deity Sri Srinivasaswamy. The family proudly continues to conduct the annual Brahmotsavam celebrations at the temple. Akank loves the ambiance of the place. As a young child she would be fascinated with the cows, buffaloes, hens, goats and stray dogs. Other than farm animals, Kuppam also has a lot of little children. We began to notice that Akank loved interacting with the children there and so we began carrying gifts for them every year.

This year we made it spectacular. We took many gifts and things to give away to the children at Kuppam. Ranging from eats, biscuits and chocolates, Barbie dolls, clothes, toys that Akank did not use anymore, school stationary, bangles, hair bands and other accessories, shoes, flip flops etc. We announced to the kids that we will be distributing thigs the next day and they all wanted us to wait till five in the evening when they got home from school. We organized them into two rows, girls and boys, and called them by turns to give away all the things we had brought with us. A few of our friends had contributed too, so we had more than hundred different things to give away. However, we still ran short!

Some of the kids came back fro second and third helpings of what we were giving away. We realized that we probably needed to do this more often and in an organized way so that no one goes away disappointed.

Akank and Anirudh, the other child who had accompanied us with his parents to Kuppam, learnt that there were children that did not have everything that they had, had much less and were still happy with what they got.

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Exam pains

Akank has been complaining of stomach cramps and ear pains and feverish spells in the past week. Incidentally, they seem to appear only when we sit to work on the revisions. Or at least that is how it looked to me until she began to persistently tell me about her aches and pains even when we weren’t with the books. She wanted to go to the doctor today even at the cost of not being at school on one of her favorite days of the week- a test free, assignment free, loads of fun subjects like PE and Western music filled day. She even missed a class photo call. At the doctors we waited for more than an hour for our turn. Her old hospital file that was made five years back at the facility had her name and her marital status printed in block letters. Only that the marital status was wrongly printed under the column ‘Profession’. Akank observed that soon her status will change. For a wild minute there I thought she was referring to the marital status.Instead the smart cookie said, ” It is soon going to read Singer instead of single under profession ma” 🙂

Anyway, the doctor didn’t have much to ask or tell me. He instantly connected with Akank and asked her about her pains and aches. She told him that the exams were making her anxious and he seemed to understand. He prescribed a mild antacid and assured her that she was going to be ok. It seemed to work like magic. Akank was so much more relaxed and at ease soon after.

Of course we have not begun revisions today yet.

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