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Weekend project

As a part of the ongoing continuous evaluations at school, Akank is in a group project to design a pet magazine. Akank and one of her group members met this weekend to get started on it. She did not want any ideas from me, even though I wanted to help.So I let them work while I did my thing. Every often the two of them would come back to check and clarify if they were on the right track.

They had planned to cover about ten pets in detail. When they couldn’t think beyond six or seven pets they came back to ask if I could help them decide what other pet to include. I suggested frogs and lizards to which the both of them chimed together ” slimy and disgusting’ like a pair of twins! They only wanted ‘cute and cuddly’. I walked by to check how far they had progressed and I noticed that they had named their magazine – Woof and Purr. Creative I thought. They worked for about an hour after which I saw the two of them fix themselves a chocolate snack and settle down to watch a movie on DVD.

So much for group discussions!

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The Twilight influence

Akank had a weird question last night. She wanted to know if I would be ok with her behaving strangely at school from now on. I was not sure that I understood her right since I was sleepy and asked her to explain the term ‘ strange ‘. She has been reading the second book in the Twilight series this week. She wanted to know if people will recognize it if she were to showcase vampire-ish or werewolf-ish behavior at school. I discouraged the thought telling her that she may soon find out herself and it may be too late to change it all back.

Knowing Akank, who wanted to be Cinderella’s fairy God mother when she was barely four, a muggle born witch a few years back, a dragon rider a few months back, I suspect this is a passing phase. Till she finds another author’s characters that she will imagine herself to be!

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Special powers

Akank suspects that she is blessed with some super human powers. There have been times when she has predicted what I would say to her requests ( like asking permission to read a book when it is time for homework ) and that would astonish her. Of course, the nature of the questions would demand either a yes or no, but that is not relevant.

There is another ‘power’ Akank uses sparingly at school. She can make eyes at the teachers to convince them of something she wants.  She told me about an incident yesterday, that proved it to her, again, that she is hypnotic.

Last week, the computer science teacher had sorted them into groups and given them topics to work on. Akank and her team ( The Aqua girls with Akank as the ‘captain’ she claims ) were asked to design a maze based on ” The Ramayana’.  Another group was given the topic ‘ Pet pals’ .  You can imagine the heart break and disappointment that Akank had to endure when her group was not given the project on pet pals. ( Ma! Its about pets! And my friends know I love dogs! )

She cried  foul and made a fuss about it to me. I suggested that she convince the ‘rival group’ ( they earned the status thanks to the nature of the project given to them) to exchange the topic with her group. Alternately, I asked her to convince the teacher to give her group the same topic as well.

It seems that she did just that. She managed to convince the teacher that her group will work on the ” pet pals’ project as well.

However, Akank is convinced that without her hypnotic powers, my suggestion would not have borne fruit.

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Resolutions 2010

Akank had to make resolutions at school yesterday. She announced that the class teacher invited them to talk about it to the rest of the class. She proudly said that she had made, not one, but three resolutions for the year.

Resolve 1 – ” To practice 100 hours of music every week.”
Me – 100 hours a  week! How?!

She – Ma! You remember you said that I need those many hours to be good at it? ( I recall telling her about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule.)

Me- Realistically, even if you practice an hour every day of the week, you can only do up to 7 hours.

Akank- Not 7 hours. I want to do 10 hours.

Me- Yeah! Still 10 is ten times lesser than 100, Akank. Get your math right.

Akank- Ma, When I said 100 hours at school, I meant many hours of practice.

Resolve 2 – “To work hard on my math and Hindi lessons. And the rest too.”
I bet that was only to impress me. I gave her an appreciative grunt to that one.

Resolve 3- ” To be nice to Niyati.” ( Her five year old niece)

Me- (worried) Did you get into a fight with her this time?

Akank- No fight. I get jealous when you give her attention.

Me- But, I saw that you were not jealous the last time we visited her.

Akank- Yeah. That is how I want to be now on. Or get better.

Way to go, Akank. You make me proud!


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Rowling Vs.Paolini Vs. Meyer

It had to happen. First, it did to Rowling. Now I see it happening to Paolini, and I am not surprised. Akank re read the inheritance cycle another time. She went back to the Harry Potter books for the fourth time. When she began her 6th book in the Potter series, she heard of Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight series. Her 16 year old cousin warned her about the content of the book being too ‘adult-sy’ for ten year olds. That warning only added to the intrigue. She watched the DVD of the movie based on the first book and decided she had to read it. Akank managed to twist a friends’ arm about a ‘New year’ gift and pointed to the book. The next thing I know, she was on chapter 6 of the first book of the series.

I was convinced that she began the series way ahead of other readers her age and how wrong I was. The next day she came back with the updates from book-2, complete with spoilers. She had discussed the book with another ten year old at school who had completed book -2 and was on book-3. She googled for information on the author, the other books in the series and watched you-tube trailers of the second movie. Now she waits for her next cycle tests to begin;to score well and make me happy.

That’s the only way she is going to get the other copies of the series from me:-)

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Aqua Girls

It is not a brand name for an all girls rock band. Akank and four of her classmates belong to this group called the Aqua Girls. The mission of the group is to hang out together at school. That is what Akank tells me when I ask her about the group.” We thought of different names. Everything from Glam Rockers to Polygamy. ( I remember she clarified the meaning of the word and discarded it ). I probed her into giving me more information about the group. She reluctantly opened up.

“We also have a motto” Ah. Now we were getting somewhere. ” It is not like a motto.. It’s just something.”

I wasn’t going to give up now. I asked her to spill the beans.

” Aqua Girls – It’s the start of something Blue” she said. See, we all like the colour blue. That is why we called ourselves Aqua.”

I asked her who inspired them to form a group.

” There is a TV program from where we got the idea. ‘Recess’ has a group of girls who call themselves ‘The Ashley girls’. But they do girlie things”

We got talking about her group this afternoon when she got back from school. She said someone else wanted to be a part of the group and she did not know how to say no without sounding rude. She wanted my counsel. I helpfully suggested that she could deny her saying that the group intentionally is kept small and that there was no room for more people. She seemed to like the idea and said she will try it as an excuse tomorrow.

The additional details I gathered about the group was that they had acronyms for each other. When I asked Akank what else the group did together she said they also hung out on the phone after school.

“Sometimes we also haunt the corridors at school.”

Doesn’t qualify as a ‘girlie thing to do’ to me:-)

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