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Splash in the pool

Akank has wanted to swim competitively provided the pool was familiar and that she had a big chance of winning. When the swimming coach from the gym called to tell us of a swimming competition to coincide with the Christmas celebrations at the gym this week, the two conditions were met. There were not too many participants in her age group and the pool was familiar! Akank competed today.

Surfacing after 3 laps of freestyle

Even though she has not been regular with her pool lessons, she is a fairly good swimmer and did well. The coach has made a note of her timings for both free style and back stroke. We will know at the end of the day if she qualified for one of the prizes.

Victory a la Olympic style!

Akank’s school allows children who win prizes outside of school to bring their laurels (and officially brag about it) to the common assembly that is held once a month. Akank told me that she had forewarned her class teacher that she was due to participate in the swimming competitions this weekend and that she may have to bring her prize to show it to the class at school on the day of common assembly.

After the event. Smug and confident!

Something about counting chickens before they hatch comes to mind. Or am I supposed to encourage her positive attitude?


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The school play

It was the culmination of weeks of practice, missed classes, memorized dialogues and rehearsals. The annual day play in which Akank played a role happened yesterday.Despite minor hiccups, the play was well received. After all in the audience we had the parents of the actors who were in the play. From organizing the costumes to the props, every parent had done her best and cheered along as they play unraveled on stage.

before the play

Akank later recalled the details of the minor challenges they had to wade through behind the scenes. The table on which the Christmas cake had to be placed fell ( thankfully before the cake was on it), the lonely bright star that the three kings had to spot and walk towards the barn at Bethlehem didn’t move on its ‘course’ as intended, the collar mike that was pinned on to the character that was to open the play with Akank was dysfunctional.

Kate and Richard, the infamous table and collarmike.

There were more challenges after the play began.The keyboard that accompanied the choir suddenly went quiet – somebody had unplugged the chord. One of the kings was unable to stand up after kneeling down to place the present on the ground. It seemed like his costume had got stuck under his knee and he struggled to go back on his feet.

Despite these minor glitches, everyone in the play remembered their lines, there was perfect co-ordination between the angels, the sheep, the shepherd boys, Joseph, Mary and the three wise kings. The make up for the artists were done by professionals and they all looked their part. The choir kept singing despite the keyboard glitch and there was perfect harmony in the tune.

Richard talks to Kate about the spirit of X'mas.

I guess it is safe to say all is well. Its back to regular classes, home assignments, tests. Till the practice for the oncoming Sports day begins, that is.

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Large hearted Akank!

Akanksha has been writing a series of diagnostic tests at school this week. Yesterday she took one for Social studies. When I asked her how it went she complained that the questions did not make sense at all. ” It was more logical than social ma”.

At the end of the test paper, she told me about a few questions that were optional for which you could answer only if you wished . These questions were to evaluate how interesting the student found the diagnostic tests,how easy or tough they were and how relevant to what she knows.. There were three options of which Akank chose ‘medium’ for all the questions in that section. She justified why she marked them as medium and not any extreme. ” I didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the ‘ticker’ ma! ( The ticker being the person who will evaluate the answers)

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First steps to Hollywood!

Akank has her sights set on Hollywood. Someday she hopes to be in the movies. She hopes to walk the red carpet at the Oscars. This is one of her many whims. On most days she is more grounded and says she wants to be a Rock Star- nonetheless!

Tomorrow may as well be her first step in the right direction to fulfill her whim! She plays a part in the school annual day play scheduled for tomorrow. The theme of the play is Christmas and she plays the role of a wife that is baking a cake for some friends at Christmas. She is proud of the fact that the play opens and closes with her. ” I have a very important role ma!’ Though the dialogue she has to deliver is a little less than 4 lines in the entire play, she believes that she plays a pivotal role in the entire screenplay ( which is about Jesus Christ and his family at the barn).

Well! She has the right attitude for Hollywood and that is a big start I think!

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I am not August!

I have recently signed up to learn to play the guitar. Like any new learner, I have a set of challenges to overcome before belting out great musical numbers from it.  Akank is a little restless with my unskilled strumming. She has little patience with me when I play the instrument. She reads the notes from the music sheet ahead of me in her mind and is exasperated when I grope with it. ” Seriously ma! I don’t make so many mistakes on my keyboard when I learn my lessons!”

Akank has been learning to play the keyboard since she was four and plays it with ease now – six years hence. Even though she had a change of tutors and therefore the methodology of teaching, in between,  she coped with the change well. I explained to her that adult learners have certain other challenges and are less deft with learning to play instruments than children her age.

Someday she wants to learn to play the guitar too. Ever since she watched the movie August Rush, she dreams about playing the guitar like August does in the movie!

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