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Term I Grade 5 -check!

Akank has just got done with her term end exams and has begun the next term without a break. The school will close for Christmas now. Akank has largely done most of her revisions by herself. She still needs help with Math alone. She has not been able to stay among the top three achievers this year however she does well at school.

According to her Math teacher at school, Akank’s ‘attitude’ towards the subject just got casual, as soon as she heard of her father’s plans to relocate. Akank had to be advised to continue being her alert self till the year is done. We have alerted her of the importance of scores from this year that will fetch her a place in a reputed school in the new city we are moving to.

She signed up to participate in a few competitive evaluations at school. ( western music and western instrumental). She is also a part of the drama that is being enacted for the school annual day next fortnight. She is competing in sport activities as well.

Some highlights from her life from I term ( June to November 2009)

* Her grandfather passed away ( July )
* The I cycle tests were largely her own responsibility ( July- August)
* Her father had swine flu! ( August )
* Her keyboard tutor stopped showing up for classes ( whole of September and October)
* She did better with her II cycle tests – with my help at revisions ( September)
* The big news of the relocation was out ( October)
* A trip to evaluate schools at the new city ( end of October)
* Her keyboard tutor renewed class ( November)
* Term I assessment results come by ( end of November)

Till date she has received scores for three subjects and she is averaging 83%

Footnote – ( She scored an average of 88% this term finally)

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Conversations and Vocabulary building

Being well read has its own disadvantages I think. Most kids in Akanks class don’t seem to be inclined to reading. Where as Akank reads all the time. It is either the books in her library, or about the books in her library. Like the other day, I saw her browsing for information on Christopher Paolini’s unpublished Book 4 of the Inheritance cycle. Sometimes Akank feels “left out” in class situations. The other day she recalled that her conversations with her classmates almost always revolved around what that person likes the most. ” I am very generous that way. I speak to people about what they like to speak about”. She elaborated with an example. “The other day I was speaking to Suhas who likes MJ.. But the dumb thing is he was not aware of MJ’s plastic surgeries and scars, ma! ”

Today she said she has been helping others with building their vocabulary. ” I taught them the meaning of pigheaded”. When I discouraged her from teaching words that really don’t add value, she was quick to add this “Its not like I only tell them meanings of words like pigheaded,. I offer it like a cherry on the ice cream after I tell them meanings of words that are not so rude”

Cherry on ice cream, I tell you!:-)

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