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Puppy Love

Last night at bedtime, Akank had this lost look about her and was fidgeting with her comforter ( yeah, she keeps a soft cloth which is usually a well worn cotton saree and she has to have it at bed time! I know she is not going to like me talking about it on her blog) Just as I was settling down to sleep she asked me if she could ask me a “teenage question”. Even though I was startled a bit, I did not show it. In a very casual voice I said ” sure thing , shoot ‘. Then she giggled and tittered and bit her comforter and went red on her face.

I waited patiently for her to ask me ” the ” question.

Then she said ” Do you think I could ask Sean to come home on Saturday to borrow a book?” (Names changed to protect privacy ) You could almost hear me sigh in relief! “Of course you can. What is the big deal”
” No… its just that he is a boy!”
” Whoa. Don’t you have friends who are boys? What are Sanjay, Abhijit , Anirudh and … ( I could have gone on and on)
” Ma! They are my buddies! Sean is … is… an … acquaintance!” ” ( I am thinking – Isn’t that supposed to be easier then?)

What is the big deal about talking to another (dumb) ten year old, Akank!

After I assured her that it was really okay to call someone home to borrow a book, she wanted to do a “dry run” of the situation with me. We took turns being Sean and Akank and drilled a bit with questions and answers about borrowing books. At the end of it, I advised her that if she was not comfortable calling him home, maybe she should not. But she wouldn’t hear of it. She insisted that she will invite the child. Only that, she warned me, ” I will disappear someplace if I get embarrassed with his answer ” I had already started to dread this kid:-)

In the morning, I was busy fixing her breakfast and making her school lunch when Akank came by to the kitchen with a serious “Hi Sean” and a raised eyebrow . That was a cue for me to slip into the role of the ” boy- who- will- come- home- to- borrow- a- book”.

I think we got it right. Only Akank can tell how it went:-)

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Coming to terms

The big news first. We are relocating. Not immediately but eventually. When we told Akank about the impending move, she had mixed feelings about it. First she was outraged that we had not told her about it till then. We had deliberately delayed telling her because we did not want her to start feeling restless about the move months before it actually happened.  But the real reason she was angry with us turned out to be (as she later admitted to us) that we had announced the move to her a day after schools closed for the first term break which meant that she wouldn’t be able to tell her friends at school for another week!

Just after she heard the news, her first reaction was denial. Tears stung her eyes, she said she felt her stomach lurch and she even refused to sleep with us that night. We had to counsel her and assure her that everything was going to be ok. We showed her the websites of the new schools we were evaluating for the next academic year at the new place. She looked up only when we described the swimming pools some of the schools had. She slowly began to unwind and asked us a few more details. We also told her that we will be travelling to the new location soon to show her around the schools and the city. Just to make her feel that she was in control of the entire situation, we also told her that she could decide about moving with us, after she has seen the place. She seemed to think of this as a fair deal.

A few days later when I was browsing for books at a book sale I found a book that was so apt to what was happening in Akanks life. A book titled “Miss Popularity” that talked about a young girl whose parents have to relocate her school and how she is threatned by the fact that she will not be popular like she was at the current school.

Akank could not put down the book that evening. I am sure now what caused the initial outburst of outrage, shock and righteous anger:-)

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