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The dreaded ‘d’ word

A few weeks back, we heard of a separation of a couple we know, parents of one of Akank’s friends from her kindergarten days. We were shocked and decided not to tell Akank about it. Its not like Akank has not heard of divorce or we protect her from the ways of the adult world but we decided not to anyway. Last week I had a telephone conversation with the mom and she mentioned that her children were coping well with the changed status. The lady in question also mentioned that her older child showed ‘fatherly’ affection to his younger sibling.

I gave an update of the news to Akank, who was keen to find who I was talking to. Having felt guilty about not letting Akank know, I casually mentioned that her friend’s parents were not together anymore. When Akank heard the news, she said that she “kinda guessed that something was not right”. That took me by surprise and when I asked her on what basis she judged that, she mentioned that she knew it when I told her about the older siblings fatherly affection towards the younger sibling! I told her that she would understand why adults have issues with relationships when she is a little older.

Yesterday when we bumped into a neighbour, a lonely old gentleman who lives with his wife, we stopped for a little chat in the foyer of the apartment.. He mentioned that he was a ‘ forced bachelor ‘ for the next few weeks since his wife was away. Akank excused herself and went home while I stayed on to talk. When I got home, Akank asked me this – ” Are they ( my neighbour’s) separated?” I had to stop laughing before I told her that it was not the way she thought it was and that the lady will return from her break soon!

On another note Akank also needed assurance from me if we ( her dad and I) were in it together for real and that we weren’t contemplating any such horrific ‘d ‘ words ever?:-)

Rest assured, Akank.

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On Dreams

Akank told me about a dream from last night that I particularly found blog worthy. Just before her bedtime, we were discussing the possibility of a change in school next year and I suppose her thoughts were on it even in her dreams. Her dream in her own words –

“A bunch of my friends and I were at school and they were showing me around. We went for a swim in the pool. When we got changed after the swim it was back into our school uniforms. As we walked past a bunch of boys back to our classroom, they turned out to be bullys and so I used my taekwondo moves and saved my friends. Later I saw the Mayor of the city giving me the keys to the city! ”

Bravo. Descriptive.Inventive.Graphic.Creative. Maybe thats what too much reading does to you. I am not complaining!

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On books

Akank has been reading different authors lately. She is still on Paolini’s third- Brisingr. Inbetween, for light and quick reading she picks books by Megan McDonald who writes about a moody third grader called Judy Moody. She was introduced to the author by another of her 5th grade classmates who has a series of books on Judy Moody. Akank enjoys the use of language in these books.

Akank quotes from the books she reads and the movies she watches. She has this incredible power of retaining entire dialogues ( thanks to the number of times she watches the movies in her library!) from her favourite movies. She shares phrases and vocabulary she thinks is “cute and funny” and often they turn out to be hilarious to me too.

She has been dabbling in a little French too! She has this book called “French for Kids – Phrases the teacher never told you!” and keeps using a few random phrases from it on me.

I have a good idea what she is going to be reading in the first week of October. That is when the book I ordered for her online will arrive. It is a book for every girl between nine and eleven, It is called ” Growing up – It’s a girl thing!” by Mavin Jukes. I hope Akank will enjoy reading that too!

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