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You made us proud!

It took two years to convince Akank but she finally allowed us to do what we had been counseling her to do on her birthday this year!  Akank agreed to give up her birthday presents from friends who came to her get together and instead accepted a contribution to an orphange that we support!

Imagine the surprise the parents of the invitees had when I called to make the request. Some went ‘ Wow. Are you sure Akank is ok with this?” ” How did you manage this!” and some others, ” You saved me from the trouble of deciding what to gift her. thank you!”

We did not deny her gifts from the family nor any of the frills of a birthday party. Her friends watched  Kevin James in ” Paul Blart: Mall Cop”over popcorns and fizzy drinks, indulged in pizzas and chocolate truffle and to top it all they danced to the beats of some music hits in a  home made mini disco!

Akank was happily exhausted at the end of the evening and said she couldn’t wait for the next 365 days to pass for the next party and my proud heart helped me keep beaming throughout the evening!!

Thank you Akank, you did us proud!

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Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?

Akank came back mighty disappointed after her inter school science talent (ordeal) test. And rightfully so. Of the hundred questions that were asked, eighty percent was out of scope. I challenge you to find a fifth grader who  will know of velocity, radiation,pH values, plane mirrors, single celled organisms,energy conversion, skeletal system,endocrine glands, striated muscles of the alimentary canal, chemical representations of combustion, of wedges, pulleys and wheel and axles, of enzymes and amino acids. And there was another section in Math that asked her about parallelograms,isosceles triangles,pyramids, cuboids, trapezoids and  conversions.

I tried attempting some questions and with my rusty recall of facts in science and rustier math, I was able to answer about  seventeen questions and then I ran out of steam. The test was a good way to discourage fifth graders of dreaming big. Thankfully I had asked Akank to give it a go and have fun and she knew that we were not expecting any ranks! So she came back home less hassled than children whose parents who spent time preparing them to be winners.

After the ordeal, I muttered under my breath that I was going to talk to the organizers and explain how the difficulty levels were way too high when Akank said , ” Sue them ma. Sew them into small pieces!’

There again presented another opportunity for me to tell Akank that Sue was not the same as Sew which was pronounced ” so”. Thankfully the focus turned to language proficiency which is an alley that I am comfortable treading where I am sure not to bump into any unsuspecting parallelograms!

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Move over JKR. Here comes Paolini!

Akank is over Potter mania- for now! She is hooked to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle, Eragon, Eldest , Brisingr and the unnamed 4th book. She has already completed the first two books from the series. She turns ten in two days and Brisngr is one of the gifts she wants as birthday gift.

She is all talk about Eragon, dragon riders, Saphira, a place called Alagaesia and claims to understand  the rites and rituals of elves, dwarves, Urgals and dragons!

Before you ask me more, the next book I have to start reading is Eragon, to keep in step with what my tween reads these days!

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Algebric expressions!

Akank has signed up for an inter school math and science talent test. When I looked up the syllabus I found that it included many concepts that she has not been taught but will learn this year. So I decided to teach her a few concepts in Math. I explained that algebra was math with numbers and letters and showed her a few examples. In one I had marked a value for ” x ” and in another a value for ” y “. In the third and unrelated example, I showed her an equation that read like this ” 7 + x = ? “. Before I could explain the arithmetic, Akank had an answer! She had replaced the value of  x from the first example and smartly summed up the values!

She doesn’t know algebra gave me the heebie jeebies at school!

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Altered Loyalties

After High School Musical and its many versions, I assumed Akank’s loyalties were sealed. Zac Efron and his team of high schoolers ranked in the top slot of her favourite artists in Hollywood. Was I wrong. A few days back Akank and I went to watch Zac Efron in “17 again”. The obvious reason why I decided to treat Akank to the movie was the fact that it had the same Zac Efron-basketball- highschool feel.  I was surprised when Akank let out a squeal and crushed  my hand gently when she saw another character beside Efron. ” Sterling  Knight” she squealed and looked at me like that name had to make any sense. To me he looked like a gawky teen who was terribly aware of how gawky he was. But he seemed to have made an impression on Akank.

Now I have to keep tabs on all the movies and television serials that Mr. Knight makes an appearance to let Akank know that her mom is in sync with who the tweens consider the most happening. Challenges, challenges!

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She is a tween now.

Those of you who have been following my blog for six years now,(yay!) know our daughter has grown up from ‘toddler’ to ‘tween’. It was a  well thought of decision to move on with blogging about a tween on a new blog called “Tweenspeak”. So here I am on my new blog. Will keep updating everything to do with my daughter Akanksha who is 10 years and 4 months now.

Akank, this is like Volume II of your blog. I hope to capture your outlook of life and how it is influenced by everything around you. This if for you doll. To read, enjoy and share. Love you!

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